Our Committee

The 2021 Committee

Our Constitution and rules set out all our objectives, committee work and method of operation. If you wish to view the document, please click on the link: BRA-CONSTITUTION

The committee is elected annually by all members at our Annual General Meeting, normally held on the first Saturday of February each year. Membership of the committee is open to all members through nomination and election. We welcome new faces, new ideas and enthusiasm to drive forward improvements.

The committee meets on the last Thursday of each month throughout the year to plan and organise events and drive the business of the BRA. All members of the BRA can raise issues or concerns to the committee, by contacting the Chair or Secretary.

Our aim is simply to keep everyone posted on local activities, events and developments and work together with members and key stakeholders to improve everyday life

Hopefully, we can help spread a little bit of community spirit and make it even more pleasant to work or live in The Bayle.

Do let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions at any time…..we would love to hear them.

Our committee members:

Chair & Neighbourhood Watch coordinator:
Carl Mehta

I moved to Folkestone in September 2019 from London where I had lived and worked almost all my life. I was a police officer for over thirty-three years in London and retired at the end of 2015 as a Detective Superintendent and deputy head of New Scotland Yard’s Homicide and Major Crime Command. Following retirement, I took another role as Head of Investigations and enforcement at the Charity Commission for England and Wales for 18 months.

Having always dreamed of living by the sea, but with no prior connection to Folkestone, I explored a few places along this part of the Kent coast and by chance found a flat near The Bayle! To live in the heart of this most historic part of town, with a strong and vibrant community who have welcomed me, has made it a joy to be here and start my new life. Keen to join the Association to preserve and improve the quality of life and beauty of the area, I was privileged enough to be elected as the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator in 2020 and Chair in 2021.

Markéta Patel

I moved with my husband and two daughters to Folkestone at the end of 2018. The Bayle for us was a case of love at first sight and we got involved with the local community immediately. I treasure its heritage, people, the nature, the views and the local atmosphere very much and I feel very fortunate to live here.

Originally from The Czech Republic, I used to run my own interior design practice in Prague. Outside my job, I was very active with many architectural community based projects and participated on several events with local councils, businesses, schools and residents of Prague 6.

As a member of the Committee and Secretary I have set myself some personal goals for my contribution to the work of our group. I would like to see the Green Bayle 2020 become an effective, fun and engaging initiative. I am very much an outdoor and sporty person, so I would love to host some community based sport/well-being activity in the Bayle area. Another challenge is to contribute to promote our green areas as safe, inspiring places for all generations.

‘Head Gardener’ & Committee member
Ann-Charlotte Jonsson

I realised my dream of returning to live by the seaside after a period of commuting from Surrey, and settled here permanently in November 2016. I originally come from Sweden where I worked in retail and teaching. Here in England I spent 26 years working in the commercial sector of the pharmaceutical industry. I am now fully dedicated to enjoying life here on The Bayle, with the aim of contributing to making it “a better place to live and work”.
The value of living in this unique community soon became apparent: people connect in a very unusual way, so that living here is almost like being part of a family.

People look out for their neighbours and help each other without hesitation. How I can personally make a difference is something I always ask myself, when considering how I can best support my friends and our community. As an example, the opportunity arose soon after I arrived to join the Bayle’s Hanging Basket Team, along with Amanda and other friends.

My personal creativity has been in full flow since moving here! With support from our own local experts, my DIY mission so far has been a success. I also enjoy gardening, flower arranging, yoga, Tai Chi, cooking, socialising and keeping fit by walking Rocky, our 8 months’ old mini Schnauzer. My partner Chris still works in London but comes down every weeken

Committee member: Helenor Rogers

I can’t believe it’s over 13 years since we moved from Hove to Folkestone! Pregnant with another about to pop, Mike and I initially lived near Radnor Park.  Very soon after we moved Mike discovered The Bayle, even looking up the drive of Lechoix, never thinking we’d be living there a few years later.  We moved in, in May 2012 when Carys was 6 and Euan was 4; shortly followed by our cats Sky (grey) and Messi (ginger).  Last year Rory the border collie joined us; you’ll see us all out and about on our many walks.

Not only do we live on the Bayle, we also run our business, TrooFoods Ltd here.  I started making healthy granola at home for my family, 5 years later my granola is on sale in Sainsburys and Holland & Barrett.  We’re not about breakfast though, we’re about gut health; so our future path may be a little different as we move more towards e-commerce with a stronger focus on food as medicine. 

We love living and working in this beautiful village within the town.  This is definitely our forever home, we look forward to many more happy years ahead as part of this fantastic community.

Treasurer: Dean Richardson

My wife Wendy and I, together with our daughter Hannah bought Georges House, which is at the corner of Bayle Street and The Old High Street, in May 2020 after living the Kent village life in Boughton Aluph for 30 years. We spent most of the summer of 2020 renovating the external fabric of the building as she was looking very tired. My background is in construction for 40 years helped in carrying this out as some of my previous experience was working for a company that specialised in historic building restoration: it’s a bit of a passion of mine.

My wife and daughter will be using the ground floor gallery for their business which they currently run from a small shop on The Old High Street: so the Richardson family are here to stay. I’m also active in the classic car scene and own a couple of MG’s and I’m a season ticket holder at Chelsea FC and was elected to the committee of the BRA in 2021.

The total number of virtual visitors to The Bayle is currently 47193