Green Bayle

Green Bayle is an initiative from our Association to promote a more sustainable and colourful lifestyle in and around The Bayle – leaving our planet and our future in good shape for the next generation. It also aims to bring colour, wildlife and beauty to our area through sustainable planting throughout the year.

Some of our members at work:

Early spring 2021 preparation of our green spaces – Bayle Pond Gardens and The Parade Community Garden

We always welcome volunteers and anyone local who wants to get involved

We live in a particularly beautiful area and we all want to preserve the special qualities of The Bayle.

With our own garden spaces limited, we encourage members to get involved with ideas and contributions for extending garden flowers to bring more colour to this already unique area. Our members contribute to these efforts by planting in public spaces, looking after the hanging baskets, maintaining and watering and donating plants to various green spaces. We welcome contributions……from donations of plants, weeding, pruning or planting.

How about creating your own colourful window or doorstep box? We have experienced members to advise you on the choice of plants and maintenance in a sustainable way. Join our Green Bayle team!

What did we achieve in 2020?

Click on the link above to have a look at the Green Bayle Report 2020. We could not have done it without all the enthusiasm and dedicated volunteer time of our families, friends, neighbours and BRA members. All the recognition is going to them!

The Fields in Trust group have done some interesting work showing that many of our green spaces nationally are at risk. You can find out more about their work from their website, with the link from here

A Greener Lifestyle

We’ve listed some websites which help with some interesting information on lifestyle choices:

Waste not…. if you don’t have the use of a wheelie bin, you can get hessian “seagull-proof” rubbish sack containers from the Folkestone & Hythe District Council: Call 01303 858660

The total number of virtual visitors to The Bayle is currently 17274