approved at a Special General Meeting on 20 October 2012 and amended at the Annual General Meeting on 9 February 2019 

1                Aims / Objectives

1.1      To represent members of the Association to all persons, companies, legal bodies, local government, police and any other organisations in the interests of the community of The Bayle area as defined in section 2. 

1.2      To help generate a closer community within The Bayle, to develop and enhance the community spirit and the quality of life. 

1.3      To help create a safe and secure environment by liaison with the police, local authorities and other appropriate agencies or organisations. 

1.4      The Association will uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community, specifically avoiding discrimination on grounds of age, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, political belief, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

2                Area to be represented

The Bayle (including Bayle Street and Bail Steps), The Parade, St Eanswythe’s Mews, Priory Gardens, Church Street.

3                Annual General Meeting 

3.1      The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February each year, three weeks’ written notice having been given to all existing members of the Association. 

3.2      The business to include: 

  • A report by the Chairman on the previous year’s activities and attendance of committee members at committee meetings.
  • The Treasurer’s report including the presentation, approval and acceptance of the audited accounts for the previous year. 
  • A report by the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators on any occurrences during the previous year.  
  • The election of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, either on or two Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and at least two members to serve on the committee for 12 months.  Written nominations shall be made by existing paid-up association members on a nomination paper signed by the nominee, the proposer and seconder, who shall also be paid-up members.
  • The election of an auditor of accounts.
  • To decide the per capita membership subscription for the year.
  • See also paragraph 6.6 (outline of future events).

3.3      The election of committee members shall take place either by a letter to the secretary, in advance of the meeting, or by a show of hands at the meeting.  Voting on all other Annual General Meeting business shall only be by show of hands of the individual paid-up members present at the meeting, the chairman having a second or casting vote.   Voting members must be aged 18 or over and paid-up members of the Association. 

4                The Committee

4.1      The committee shall meet as appropriate, a quorum being half of the number of members of the committee (any fraction being rounded down).

4.2 The committee shall have the power to act on behalf of the Association in all matters.

4.3      The committee shall have the power to co-opt paid-up members, who shall have full voting rights, to serve on the committee and any group established for a defined purpose.

4.4       In the event of any tied vote, the chairman shall have a second vote.

5                Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting for a specified purpose or purposes shall be held, if requested in writing by five or more paid-up members of the Association and should occur within three weeks of the date of the request.   

6                Method of operation

6.1      Suggestions, proposals, complaints concerning The Bayle area as defined in section 2 may be made by any resident in the area designated in section 2 to any committee member for inclusion in the next committee meeting agenda. 

6.2      Written requests should be submitted to the secretary by midday on the day preceding the committee meeting.  

6.3      The results of any such request will be relayed to the individual who raised it as soon as possible after the meeting.

6.4      Members of the Association should consult directly with the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators on security matters within the Bayle area. 

6.5     Newsletters will be circulated regularly to all members and include

Neighbourhood Watch reports as appropriate.  Special alerts, required by the police and other appropriate agencies, will be circulated separately as a matter of urgency.

6.6      Copies of the approved minutes of committee meetings will be made available to paid-up members on request.

7                Banking procedure

7.1      The Association shall hold its funds, except for petty cash, with a High Street Bank. 

7.2      Cheques require two signatures: the treasurer, and either the chairman or secretary.

8                Variation or dissolution 

8.1      The constitution and Rules of the Association may be amended or extended or the Association terminated by majority agreement of the members at a general meeting.  

8.2      In the event of a decision being taken to terminate the Association, a Special General Meeting shall be called within three weeks, due notice in writing having been given to all members of the Association, in order to seek confirmation of the decision. 

8.3      In the event of the Association being dissolved, a resolution shall be sought from the Special General Meeting (the Confirmation Meeting) as to the disposal of any remaining assets, including financial records and all other appropriate papers of record.  ity47 \lsdl