Easter Good Wishes

Happy Easter to everyone!
It might not be the most typical Easter holiday for most of us this year. We will all be missing our usual interaction and gatherings with family, friends and communities during this Spring break.

Easter in lockdown doesn’t have to be bleak – there is still some fun and excitement to be had!
We gathered some local stories and photos from our neighbourhood to help everyone to celebrate this special occasion. Below is a wonderful window display from Stem by Stem

Make your own Easter Tree

An idea for making an Easter Tree – with thanks to Tanya from Stem by Stem….

Take a few small branching twigs and put them into a container such as a terracotta pot or jug. To provide stability for the twigs use sand or small pebbles to fix the twigs in place. If you have some to hand, a handful of moss over the top of this improves the design. Hang the branches with your choice of decorative eggs, homemade or bought ones and anything else to hand such as ribbons, toy chicks, silk flowers etc. Place in your front window for everyone to admire!