Joining BRA

The St Eanswythe’s Church and Priory (13th Century)

If you live or work in or around The Bayle
– why not join The Bayle Residents’ Association?

Our aim is to promote a good neighbourhood – which involves helping to create and conserve our environment and to foster good relationships. We work closely with other resident associations and members are automatically enrolled in our local Neighbourhood Watch, which helps to monitor public safety and help keep levels of crime down.
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We organise a number of social events throughout the year, which helps to bring our local community together. We also help to share information about the many different events and leisure interests which can be enjoyed locally. We use WhatsApp channels for Green Bayle ideas and activity and one called BRAT – Bayle Residents Action Team….that helps with quick solutions to problems like graffiti, ad-hoc litter picks or other local problems.

There is always something going on that you can join in with, if you have the time and the inclination!

We take a close interest in our heritage and our environment. The Association was responsible for installing the fountain in The Bayle Pond and other initiatives and our members still open and close this beautiful space daily, for everyone to enjoy. We also provide funding for the hanging floral baskets, created and maintained by a team of BRA volunteers all year round. We hope you agree that these small gestures help to accentuate the unique character of The Bayle.

Membership is just £5 for individuals or £10 for a household membership.
We welcome any additional contributions to the Association for what we call our ‘Community Pot‘ – a small fund that helps to pay for small projects – such as new planting or information signage in and around our neighbourhood and events that bring us together.

Thank you – and we welcome you to The Bayle!

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The total number of virtual visitors to The Bayle is currently 61764