2020 hindsight

Another session updating our community’s website has involved the pleasure of adding a couple of familiar features to the Local History page – so do have a look when you get a moment. The retrospective and reflective mood seems to be very apt, coming at the tail end of December 2020.

The year now drawing to a close has been a challenging one for many.

The combination of the Coronavirus pandemic and the impact upon our local community – and thousands of other communities – has been significant, affecting families, households, businesses and the very fabric of our society in many ways. What was always routine and normal has changed beyond recognition – the everyday chat in the street, the chance to catch up with friends and relatives on special occasions and on everyday chance encounters; these are more difficult now.

However, the resilience of The Bayle community, as always has contributed to a renewed neighbourly nature: keeping in touch and looking out for each other. The very stuff of community has been much in evidence, from our continuing community arts projects, to the work of our “constant gardeners” to the monthly newsletters and quiet messages of encouragement between members of the community we live in.
We would like to thank all concerned for their efforts and their human spirit of kindness. The year to come – 2021 – will continue to challenge us, no doubt. Working together as a community, we can also have no doubt that The Bayle will continue to thrive and that we can look forward to better times together.

Happy New Year.

The total number of virtual visitors to The Bayle is currently 61775

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